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Yuyao Duoli Hydraulics Co., Ltd.
Founded in 2009, Yuyao Duoli Hydraulics Co., Ltd. is a China OEM BSP Hose Fittings Supplier and ODM BSP 60°Cone Hydraulic Hose Fittings company, The company covers an area of 15,000 square meters with a 10,000 square meter factory building and currently employs 60 people. The annual production capacity is 10 million units and the annual sales volume is 30 million yuan. We are also ISO9001 certified for quality systems.
We have more than 120 types of CNC machine tools and automated lathes, and are equipped with inspection equipment such as digital projectors and precision detectors.
We specialize in Wholesale BSP 60°Cone Hydraulic Hose Fittings. Our main customers include Malaysian WH WENTECH Company, French IPI Group, SANY Group, etc. The company has branches in Malaysia, Hebei, Hangzhou and Beijing.
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BSP 60°Cone Hydraulic Hose Fittings Industry knowledge
What Are the Common Applications of BSP Hose Fittings Across Various Industries?
BSP (British Standard Pipe) hose fittings are fundamental components widely used across a multitude of industries, each leveraging their unique characteristics to meet specific operational demands.
In the automotive sector, BSP fittings play a pivotal role in hydraulic systems powering functions like power steering, braking mechanisms, and suspension systems. Their reliable sealing capabilities and robust construction ensure seamless fluid transfer, contributing to the overall performance and safety of vehicles on the road.
Agriculture heavily relies on hydraulic systems for tasks such as lifting and lowering implements, controlling cylinders, and irrigation operations. BSP hose fittings are instrumental in facilitating these functions, providing secure connections that withstand the rigors of agricultural environments, thus supporting efficient and productive farming practices.
Construction machinery and equipment, including excavators, bulldozers, and cranes, utilize BSP fittings for critical hydraulic functions such as lifting, digging, and steering. Their durability and compatibility enable smooth operation in demanding construction sites, enhancing productivity and project efficiency.
In manufacturing facilities, BSP hose fittings are integral to hydraulic machinery used in material handling, assembly lines, and processing operations. These fittings enable precise control and reliable operation of hydraulic systems, ensuring seamless production processes across various industrial sectors.
The marine industry relies on BSP hose fittings for hydraulic systems onboard ships and vessels, where they endure corrosive seawater environments and provide dependable connections for steering, propulsion, and cargo handling systems, thus contributing to safe and efficient maritime operations.
Within the mining sector, where heavy machinery operates in challenging conditions, BSP fittings are crucial components in hydraulic systems powering excavators, drills, and conveyor systems. Their robust construction and reliable sealing capabilities support the demanding requirements of mining operations, ensuring continuous productivity and safety.
In the oil and gas industry, BSP hose fittings are utilized in hydraulic systems for pumps, valves, and drilling rigs, enduring high pressures and harsh conditions prevalent in exploration and production operations. Their reliability and compatibility contribute to the efficiency and safety of oil and gas extraction processes.
Transportation sectors, including railways and aviation, employ BSP fittings in hydraulic systems for locomotives, aircraft, and ground support equipment. These fittings ensure the reliable operation of hydraulic systems, supporting safe and efficient transportation operations across various modes of travel.
In industrial applications, BSP hose fittings are ubiquitous in hydraulic presses, injection molding machines, and material handling equipment. Their versatility and compatibility enable seamless integration into diverse industrial processes, supporting efficient production and manufacturing operations.
How Do BSP Hose Fittings Adapt to Different Thread Sizes and Configurations?
BSP (British Standard Pipe) hose fittings are designed to adapt to different thread sizes and configurations, providing flexibility and compatibility with various hydraulic systems and components. This adaptability is achieved through standardized thread specifications and versatile fitting designs, ensuring seamless integration into diverse applications.
One way BSP hose fittings adapt to different thread sizes is through the use of standardized thread specifications. BSP threads adhere to specific thread standards, including parallel (BSPP) and tapered (BSPT) threads, with standardized pitch and diameter measurements. This standardization allows BSP fittings to accommodate different thread sizes while ensuring compatibility and interchangeability with corresponding components.
BSP hose fittings feature a range of configurations to accommodate different thread types and connection methods. These fittings are available in various shapes, including straight, elbow, tee, and cross configurations, as well as adapters and couplings, each designed to meet specific installation requirements and space constraints. Additionally, BSP fittings may incorporate features such as O-ring seals or sealing washers to enhance sealing performance and compatibility with different thread configurations.
BSP hose fittings offer flexibility in terms of connection methods, including threaded, push-to-connect, and crimped designs. Threaded BSP fittings feature external or internal threads that mate with corresponding threads on hydraulic hoses or components, providing secure connections through tightening. Push-to-connect fittings utilize a compression or snap-in mechanism to quickly and easily connect hoses without the need for threading, facilitating rapid assembly and disassembly in tight spaces. Crimped fittings involve the use of a hydraulic crimper to permanently attach fittings to hoses, ensuring leak-free connections suitable for high-pressure applications.
BSP hose fittings may incorporate adjustable or swivel configurations, allowing for angular adjustment and rotation to accommodate varying installation angles and orientations. This versatility enables BSP fittings to adapt to different system layouts and configurations while maintaining optimal alignment and performance.